John O’Brien
John is an accredited psychoanalyst and elected member of the Research Committee of the C G Jung Institute, Zurich, where he lectures on the Word Association Experiment and Jungian work with groups.
His private practice as an analyst and therapist is supported by leadership consulting (confidential and complex issues) research and writing and design and delivery of individual training.
John’s early clinical training included cognitive, existential and depth psychology work with individuals and groups. Additional training included systemic structural and strategic family work (Tavistock and Maudseley Hospital). He completed the first part of his career as a Principal Officer (Children and Families) in a London Borough. Having begun his private practice in counseling and psychotherapy in 1986, he completed his MBA, and in the 1990s, pioneered Executive Coaching in the UK, innovating and delivering specialist and confidential psychological assessment and development of leaders in corporations, including:
AstraZeneca, Boston Consulting Group, British Biological Sciences Research Council, Coutts Bank, Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank, GSK, ITV, Lazard, McKinseys, Monitor, Montagu Private Equity, Morgan Stanley, N.M. Rothschild, Natwest Bank, Pfizer.
John presented the seminal workshops on Jungian Coaching at the C.G. Jung Institute in 2010, while training as a psychoanalyst. Since then, alongside his practice, he has been working as a private analyst and with colleagues and partners, is bringing analytical psychology in new ways to individuals and organizations.
His recent publications include The Professional Practice of Jungian Coaching, Routledge, London and NY, 2021. 

Nada O’Brien, PhD
Nada is an accredited Jungian analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, university lecturer and a published author. She teaches on the Word Association Experiemnt and Dream groups at The Institute.
She works with individuals in her private practice and leads international dream groups. She is a picture interpretation consultant to the Norwegian Health Service. Nada has designed and led professional and personal development programms for senior professionals working for Norwegian Health Service.
She has worked for more than 20 years with leaders and groups across a wide scope of industries, including the Nordic Council of Ministers, leading global financial and legal and private equity organisations  in the UK, Europe and USA, applying Jungian approach. She enjoys designing tailor made diagnostic, assessment and development process serving the uniqueness of the client, using in depth creative methods based on Jung’s work.
Nada is a published author and a researcher in the fields of analytic psychology, infant research, leadership, organisational transformation, education and music.
Her recent publications include The Professional Practice of Jungian Coaching,
Routledge, London and NY, 2021.